This is the decade of user experience design

By April 1, 2013Books

I’ve recently came across an interesting e-book by Marcin Treder – UX Design For Startups.

I chose some useful quotes from the book:

Protect all that energy that you are investing in your idea by defining and directing it to the right place. Know your customers.

User experience design at its heart is an optimisation: an iteratively improved solution to a general problem.

Alex Osterwalder, in his great book Business Model Generation shows and explains an amazing method of describing any business idea: the Business Model Canvas (BMC). This eight-field table can do what an extended business plan struggles to achieve: it can explain your business.


Competition is fierce and only those who are able to provide a stunning end-to-end experience will survive.

Armed with user research, heuristics and a little bit of prototyping, I was trying to find my place in the ‘developer-oriented’ world. This wasn’t easy. For dev teams, an interface was considered to be an addition to great technology, and usability was even less important than that – a kind of nice-to-have option.

The term ‘usability’ was on everyone’s lips thanks to the work of Jakob Nielsen and Steve Krug (their popularity was skyrocketing!), but executives believed it was more important to have a product with tons of advanced features, rather than something highly usable but technically limited.

Technology became easier and cheaper than ever. The world started to look for a new idol. Luckily for all of us this can be found in user experience design.

I was surprised to hear, “This is the decade of user experience design” from one prominent business angel.

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